The Alpha Delt Phi Foundation has established the most generous scholarship program offered by any fraternity or sorority established at the University of Washington. Not all our scholarships are eligible only to our brothers, but many are. By joining Alpha Delta Phi, you would be eligible to participate in all aspects of our generous scholarship program. 

History and Tradition

Alpha Delta Phi International is one of the original and classic college fraternities. Our rich and colorful traditions have been celebrated and chronicled for almost two centuries at many of the oldest and most distinguished colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. Likewise, the Washington Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi has historically been one of the strongest, largest, and most popular fraternities at the University of Washington. By joining Alpha Delta Phi, you will have a chance to connect with our past, present, and future, and you will associate yourself with some of North America's finest.


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ComfortabLe Housing

Alpha Delta Phi manages its room and board fees (i.e. food, rent and utilities) with a view towards providing a healthy, comfortable and achievement-oriented living experience at competitive market rates. Over the past two years, the cost to live at Alpha Delta Phi has been significantly less expensive than the cost to live in a residence hall, and below the average cost to live in a fraternity at the University of Washington. For current and expected rates, please ask one of our Recruiting Chairs.