This year, the active Chapter produced its second annual Bubble Bash dinner and auction. As many of you know, Bubble Bash is the active Chapter’s philanthropy, which has been an official Seattle Children’s Hospital guild since 2014. The guild benefits the hospital’s Stanley Stamm Summer Camp, which gives children facing life-threatening medical conditions the ability to have a summer camp experience. The proceeds go directly to families, allowing them to send their children to this camp and have the required medical expenses fully covered. Last year, the inaugural auction raised a whopping $48,000. This year, our event included about 175 attendees and raised more than $65,000 for The Stamm Camp. This number will increase as the matching gifts are still being processed. This event could not have been made possible without the continued support shown by the local alumni of the Washington Chapter of Alpha Delta Phi. Thank you for your continued support of Alpha Delts and Bubble Bash!

For more information regarding Bubble Bash and ways to donate: