Mac Hubbard

High School: John F. Kennedy High School

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Pledge Class: Fall 2013

House Positions: Scholarship Chair, Dodgeball Chair, Brotherhood Chair


Mac is currently a sophomore studying English Literature and Composition who enjoys the little things in life such as a concise, but well-written bio. He has a strong desire to travel the world, explore the possibilities of careers focused in journalism or publishing, and hopefully someday join the Peace Corps. While he takes breaks from reading leather-bound books and drinking black coffee, he devotes a sizable portion of his time and effort to managing dodge ball games for his brothers to participate in after classes have ended for the day. Though it was not solely his creation, Mac had an important role in the development of the Dodge Ball Thursdays that have become a highlight of the week for many members of the house - in fact, the program has not only succeeded in building brotherhood, but the team also won Kappa Alpha Theta's "Battle Ball 2014" philanthropy in their first year participating. In addition to his athletic endeavors, Mac also spends his time at the house organizing other brotherhood events such as the annual house retreat and scholarship-related affairs such as participation in the Alpha Delta Phi International's annual literary competition.