Kyle Spierkel

High School: Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Hometown: Laguna Beach, CA

Pledge Class: Fall 2012

House Positions: Secretary, Risk Manager, Formal Chair, Philanthropy Committee

Kyle is currently a junior studying business administration with a concentration in finance. Kyle was born in Virginia, but shortly moved to Asia and Europe until he returned back the United States when he was 12 years old. While at UW, he has been active in the Husky Sale's Club and pursing real-world experience through internships. This past summer Kyle was a purchasing analyst for PACCAR and also worked for Kenworth in the Sales Planning department. He has been active in house positions, helping start up Alpha Delts philanthropy (Bubble Bash), coordinating with the Couer D'Alene Resort for spring formal, maintaining a safe environment during social functions, and most recently, keeping important house records up to date. Kyle enjoys ice hockey, lacrosse, football, traveling, and being outside in the pacific northwest.