Hometown: Kent, WA

Highschool: Kentwood Senior High

Pledgeclass: Spring 2012

House Positions: Anchorman(2013), 

Chris Rumer is currently a senior studying Biochemistry and mathematics with a focus in biomechanics and pre-medicine. Throughout his time at UW Chris has taken up a diverse set of industry experiences ranging from Mechanical Engineering at Janicki Industries to Finance/Accounting at PayNorthwest. With an interest in medicine and education, Chris has been active in teaching and mentoring Physics at Bryant Elementary and as a tutor to University of Washington students through the CLUE program. After his time studying Biomedicine at University College: London, Chris become one of UW’s student ambassadors to help connect students to the many opportunities outside of UW.  He was the Alpha Delta Phi Anchorman in 2012 and stays active today through sailing, weight-lifting, and exploring the Cascades.