Chasen Smith

High School: Thacher

Hometown: Santa Barbara, Ca

Pledge class: Fall 2012

House positions: Pledge Class Social Chair, Social Chair

Chasen is currently a junior studying mechanical engineering. Chasen was born in Colorado and moved to Santa Barbara at the age of ten when his dad began teaching businuess  at UCSB. Since then, his family has relocated to Cuenca, Ecuador. Chasen is a lifelong tinkerer and is heavily involoved with an internship desinging CNC Routers and as a mechanical team member for UW EcoCar 3- an undergraduate research competition funded by the DOE and general motors to create energy efficient vehicles. Off campus, Chasen is an accomplished outdoorsmen: a veteran skier, rock climber and a former surf instructor and channel island kayak guide. In the Alpha Delta Phi, Chasen served his first four quarters in the house as its social chairman- planning and executing all of our social functions and exchanges.