Alpha Delts Initiates New Spring Pledge Class

PC 15.jpg

This past spring of 2016 we returned to our roots of having a spring pledge class. When May rolled around, the active chapter was proud to initiate seven new brothers into our fraternity as members of pledge class 15. Each one to them has their own unique interested and hobbies, and the dynamic of new guys in the spring created an exciting and new burst of energy around the house. The active chapter came together and worked incredibly hard to give the spring pledge class the same pledge period we have all received, despite the number of differences between fall and spring (such as the size difference, less time, etc.). It was a growth experience for everyone, as the active chapter had not had a spring pledge class in a number of years and learned just as much from them as they did from us. We could not be more proud of the seven men we have initiated, and we all look forward to what they will do for the house in the future.