Alpha Delta Phi Presents Bubble Bash

Bubble Bash.jpg

Dear Alumni of Alpha Delta Phi,

As many of you know the Pacific North West Alumni of Alpha Delta Phi engaged in the Launch phase of the plan to bring Alpha Delts back on the University of Washington campus on October 25th, 2007.  With this phase brought on a new chapter in Alpha Delt history in that the PNWAADP wanted a house that stood out as different and one that valued independence. And so began the overarching theme of our re-founding in that we never wanted to follow the beaten path of other fraternities but to blaze our own. This ideology compelled now recent alumni Michael Belick to begin our philanthropic event Bubble Bash and associate it with Stanley Stamm who also wanted to blaze his own trail.

A renowned doctor for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Stanley Stamm began a summer camp for patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital to experience an otherwise unachievable summer camp experience. The camp is dedicated to give patients at Seattle Children’s hospital a traditional camp experience with events including fishing, swimming, and arts and crafts. Their goal is not only to provide a summer camp experience for the kids but to also empower them and give them the tools to become independent young-adults. Michael Belick stated that, “after having the privilege to attend the camp for a day last summer it became even more apparent of how special this camp is for the patients.” No matter the medical condition, the volunteers are devoted to let the kids participate.

Entering into our fourth year, we have raised over $50,000 dollars in support of the Stanley Stamm Summer Camp.  Every year we host an event called Bubble Bash in the University of Washington’s infamous Quad. This year will be doing the same on Sunday, April 24th from 12pm to 4pm. It is a carnival run by the fraternity including food, games, entertainment, and of course lots of bubbles. The event is open to everyone and we need as many participants as possible.

As our philanthropy continues to grow we have made some notable advances in our approach to establishing ourselves as a supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital. We have become a registered guild with the Seattle Children’s Hospital and have newly instituted a full week of activities for sororities to help become part of the Bubble Bash process. We look forward to our continuation of Bubble Bash and our partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital. For more information or if you wish to donate, please visit or follow us on Instagram @ADP_BubbleBash. 


Update: The event was a success! We were happy to spend this past Sunday playing with bubbles and games, bringing smiles to the children of Seattle. We are blessed and excited for the opportunity to visit Stanley Stamm Summer Camp this coming summer!