Alpha Delt Open Mic Night

Washington Chapter Goes Wild For Literature.

Yesterday marked the first public celebration of the rich literary tradition of the Alpha Delta Phi since the refounding. The emergence of the first “Open Mic Night” was one of many steps to usher in a new era of literacy and community involvement.

June 4th 2016 marked the beginning of a new era for the Washington Chapter. Brothers of the Fraternity and members of the community gathered on the front lawn for an “Open Mic Night” to celebrate the literary tradition of Alpha Delta Phi.

With a simple goal of hosting a literary event rising seniors Casey Lee and Eli Brewer were blown away by both the turnout and the array of talents the house possessed.

“The two of us (Brewer and Lee) honestly just wanted to give the guys in the house a study break before finals. Hosting an event to a full crowd on the front lawn was one of the highlights of the year”, said Lee.

Performances were across the board and included the likes of trumpet duets, relationship advice, singing, and closed with rising junior Dylan Pruitt’s dramatic interpretation of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. The “Open Mic Night” structure provided increased fluidity compared to a traditional talent show. A signup sheet was available in the weeks prior but drop-ins were welcomed with open arms.

“Open Mic Night” will forever be heralded has the emergence of the literary side of the fraternity for the public eye. The chapter intends on hosting a second literary event later this month. Talent is everywhere at the Washington Chapter and events encouraging community involvement are the forefront of the fraternity’s goals this upcoming year.