Washington Chapter Wins The EO Blackman Award

I am pleased to announce that this summer the Washington chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi was awarded the EO Blackman Chapter Excellence award at the international convention in Washington D.C.! As one could guess from the name, the EO Blackman is awarded to the most outstanding and accomplished chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi every year. The Washington Chapter has one this award roughly 10 times since its start in 1921, including twice since the restart in 2008, and we are proud to bring it home once again. While we are proud of this accomplishment, we are already thinking about what we can improve on so that we win this award again the following year. We are looking forward to taking this fraternity to new heights!

Work Week 2016

This past week marked our annual Work Week in which the entire house bands together, while the girls are busy with their sorority recruitment, and works on large projects around the house. Each of these projects are led by teams of active members and assisted by the new pledges,  who have just moved into the Temple. This is a great way for our new pledges to get to know a smaller group of actives in a focused setting, all while seeing themselves make a physical improvement to the house right off the bat!  Main projects included new plants for our garden outside, re-planting the entire front lawn, deep cleans of every area of the house, and applying fresh coats of paint to many areas around the house, as well as an original design for our iconic party room, "The Barroom". We are excited to show-case our freshly fixed up house to our friends and family at our upcoming events!

Alpha Delt Open Mic Night

Washington Chapter Goes Wild For Literature.

Yesterday marked the first public celebration of the rich literary tradition of the Alpha Delta Phi since the refounding. The emergence of the first “Open Mic Night” was one of many steps to usher in a new era of literacy and community involvement.

June 4th 2016 marked the beginning of a new era for the Washington Chapter. Brothers of the Fraternity and members of the community gathered on the front lawn for an “Open Mic Night” to celebrate the literary tradition of Alpha Delta Phi.

With a simple goal of hosting a literary event rising seniors Casey Lee and Eli Brewer were blown away by both the turnout and the array of talents the house possessed.

“The two of us (Brewer and Lee) honestly just wanted to give the guys in the house a study break before finals. Hosting an event to a full crowd on the front lawn was one of the highlights of the year”, said Lee.

Performances were across the board and included the likes of trumpet duets, relationship advice, singing, and closed with rising junior Dylan Pruitt’s dramatic interpretation of Star Wars Episode III, Revenge of the Sith. The “Open Mic Night” structure provided increased fluidity compared to a traditional talent show. A signup sheet was available in the weeks prior but drop-ins were welcomed with open arms.

“Open Mic Night” will forever be heralded has the emergence of the literary side of the fraternity for the public eye. The chapter intends on hosting a second literary event later this month. Talent is everywhere at the Washington Chapter and events encouraging community involvement are the forefront of the fraternity’s goals this upcoming year.

Dinner With Kappa Delta

Dinner With KD.jpg

This past week we were happy to host the lovely Kappa Delta Sorority for a delicious Caribbean themed meal cooked by our fabulous Chef Jen. Since the weather permitted, we were happy to host the dinner outside on our front lawn. It was a great time to get together with some of our favorite friends, old and new, and relax before spring finals. We look forward to hosting them, and other sororities for dinners in the future.

Alpha Delta Phi Presents Bubble Bash

Bubble Bash.jpg

Dear Alumni of Alpha Delta Phi,

As many of you know the Pacific North West Alumni of Alpha Delta Phi engaged in the Launch phase of the plan to bring Alpha Delts back on the University of Washington campus on October 25th, 2007.  With this phase brought on a new chapter in Alpha Delt history in that the PNWAADP wanted a house that stood out as different and one that valued independence. And so began the overarching theme of our re-founding in that we never wanted to follow the beaten path of other fraternities but to blaze our own. This ideology compelled now recent alumni Michael Belick to begin our philanthropic event Bubble Bash and associate it with Stanley Stamm who also wanted to blaze his own trail.

A renowned doctor for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Stanley Stamm began a summer camp for patients of Seattle Children’s Hospital to experience an otherwise unachievable summer camp experience. The camp is dedicated to give patients at Seattle Children’s hospital a traditional camp experience with events including fishing, swimming, and arts and crafts. Their goal is not only to provide a summer camp experience for the kids but to also empower them and give them the tools to become independent young-adults. Michael Belick stated that, “after having the privilege to attend the camp for a day last summer it became even more apparent of how special this camp is for the patients.” No matter the medical condition, the volunteers are devoted to let the kids participate.

Entering into our fourth year, we have raised over $50,000 dollars in support of the Stanley Stamm Summer Camp.  Every year we host an event called Bubble Bash in the University of Washington’s infamous Quad. This year will be doing the same on Sunday, April 24th from 12pm to 4pm. It is a carnival run by the fraternity including food, games, entertainment, and of course lots of bubbles. The event is open to everyone and we need as many participants as possible.

As our philanthropy continues to grow we have made some notable advances in our approach to establishing ourselves as a supporter of Seattle Children’s Hospital. We have become a registered guild with the Seattle Children’s Hospital and have newly instituted a full week of activities for sororities to help become part of the Bubble Bash process. We look forward to our continuation of Bubble Bash and our partnership with Seattle Children’s Hospital. For more information or if you wish to donate, please visit bubblebash.org or follow us on Instagram @ADP_BubbleBash. 


Update: The event was a success! We were happy to spend this past Sunday playing with bubbles and games, bringing smiles to the children of Seattle. We are blessed and excited for the opportunity to visit Stanley Stamm Summer Camp this coming summer!

Alpha Delts Initiates New Spring Pledge Class

PC 15.jpg

This past spring of 2016 we returned to our roots of having a spring pledge class. When May rolled around, the active chapter was proud to initiate seven new brothers into our fraternity as members of pledge class 15. Each one to them has their own unique interested and hobbies, and the dynamic of new guys in the spring created an exciting and new burst of energy around the house. The active chapter came together and worked incredibly hard to give the spring pledge class the same pledge period we have all received, despite the number of differences between fall and spring (such as the size difference, less time, etc.). It was a growth experience for everyone, as the active chapter had not had a spring pledge class in a number of years and learned just as much from them as they did from us. We could not be more proud of the seven men we have initiated, and we all look forward to what they will do for the house in the future.

3rd Annual Mother Son Dance

 Last weekend we had our 3rd annual Mother Son Dance! Before the party the mothers and members had an opportunity to meet each other at the Temple with cocktails and hor d'oeuvres.  Following the cocktail party, we made it down to the UW club for a special evening set up with a delicious dinner, speeches from our seniors, and of course, lots of dancing! We cannot wait to have our mothers back with us again next year!

Last weekend we had our 3rd annual Mother Son Dance! Before the party the mothers and members had an opportunity to meet each other at the Temple with cocktails and hor d'oeuvres.  Following the cocktail party, we made it down to the UW club for a special evening set up with a delicious dinner, speeches from our seniors, and of course, lots of dancing! We cannot wait to have our mothers back with us again next year!

2nd Annual Mother's Dance // February 28th

The second annual mother-son dance took place last weekend and what a fun night it was! Over sixty mothers were able to make it out for a special evening with wonderful food, speeches and of course dancing.  Snaps to active members Zach Williams and Kyle Spierkel for organizing such an special event. 

Thank you so much to all the mothers of The Alpha Delta Phi, we are beyond fortunate to have such strong role models to always look up to! In the words of Stevie Wonder, "Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love."


We are already excited for next year!


Alpha Delts Rank 1st For Fall Quarter Academics

Recently, the 2014 IFC fall quarter grades were released. Alpha Delts were first in grades amongst 32 fraternities with a house accumulative GPA of 3.45. This was a huge accomplishment and the best GPA since the chapter re-founding in 2008. The Chapter is excited to continue such excellence in the quarters and years to come. 

Michael Belick Wins President of the Year!


Last night was the annual University of Washington Greek Awards. We would like to congratulate 2014-2015 President, Michael Belick (class of 15') who was awarded President of the Year. During his term Michael facilitated growth and achievement throughout the house. Specific accomplishments include extremely successful BubbleBash philanthropy, top three in grades all three quarters (first in grades for fall 2015), and winning the coveted E.O Blackman Chapter of Excellence Award.