Hometown: Orange County

Highschool: Carona Del Mar

Pledgeclass: Fall 2011

House Positions: Social Chair, 

Alex is a student in the Michael G. Foster School of Business studying marketing and also pursuing a sales certificate. He is originally from Newport Beach, CA. He is passionate about going into a career in sales and also wants to go into management one day. Alex has had multiple internships and currently works as a Sales Development Representative at DocuSign: a rapidly growing electronic signature and digital transaction management company. He is also involved in leadership on campus as the Vice President of Operations for the Husky Sales Club. He has held this position for two years now. Additionally, Alex taught a general studies class of 22 incoming freshmen students as a Freshmen Interest Group Leader in his sophomore and junior year. In his free time, Alex enjoys hanging out with friends, playing tennis, and traveling. He has been lucky enough to study abroad twice once in Germany and once in San Sebastian, Spain. During both trips Alex traveled extensively and can't wait to have the opportunity to travel the world again!