2005 - CURRENT



In 2005, for several compelling reasons, Alpha Delta Phi International and the chapter's alumni organization concluded that the time was becoming ripe to transition to the Launch and Sustain stages of the Plan. Therefore, beginning in 2005, several alumni leaders who graduated from the University of Washington between 1943 and 1992 collaborated to develop a more detailed plan to Launch and Sustain the chapter. When formulating that plan, those leaders were ever mindful of the Washington Chapter's proud history and traditions, the chapter's high standards for personal and organizational integrity and character, and the core values upon which Alpha Delta Phi was founded in 1832.

After more than two years of work, the alumni leaders were satisfied that they had formulated a plan that was sound, that was consistent with Alpha Delta Phi's ideals, that would return the Washington Chapter to a place of prominence at the University of Washington, and that would sustain the chapter at an elite level for generations to come. They also concluded that conditions were sufficiently favorable at the University of Washington to transition to the Launch stage of the Plan. Therefore, on October 25, 2007, the alumni of the Washington Chapter convened at the Seattle Yacht Club to announce their intent to resume undergraduate operations at the Washington Chapter in September 2008.

The alumni have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars, have begun making additional improvements to the chapter house, and have created and funded the most generous scholarship program of any fraternity at the University of Washington. They are now actively recruiting well rounded, motivated new members who share Alpha Delta Phi's ideals, and who are willing to dedicate themselves to the brotherhood as the members of the Kalevala Club first did back in 1910. The most recent chapter highlight was winning the E.O Blackman award in 2014.